Hi, I'm Ximena Botteri. I'm originally from Peru but I moved to the US five years ago, when I married the love of my life and decided to set roots here. Together, we have two beautiful babies, Leo and Bianca. The two reasons why I have over 60,000 personal pictures on my phone. 

Photography is my passion and where I let my creativity flow. It all started when my son Leo was born. I fell in love with capturing motherhood, kiddos and families. 

I want you to come away from our time together with great memories, not just great photographs. I'll make you snuggle your kids, play games, and have fun. I can't wait to get to know your beautiful family!

Random Facts About Me


  • I lived in Peru, Spain, England, and France before moving to the US, where I lived in Northern Virginia before moving to Illinois. 

  • My husband and I fell in love, got engaged, and married within a year! it's been a crazy, beautiful ride...

  • I have two babies (I will always call them my babies no matter how old they are), Leo and Bianca. Sometimes I think about having a third but then I remember how much I like to sleep and how little sleep I already get.

  • I have a Master in Marketing and over 10 years of experience with a focus on digital marketing and branding. Sometimes I miss my corporate job but then I remember I love to work in my yoga pants.

  • Talking about yoga, I'm also a certified yoga instructor but I haven't taught a class in 5 years. I still practice religiously and I'm 100% sure, yoga is what keeps me sane!