Picture from our engagement session by the incredible Melanie Duerkopp


We are happy to “see” you here!


We are Mauricio and Ximena, husband and wife, parents of our baby boy Leo, food lovers and photographers!


We've always been passionate about photography and enjoyed taking pictures wherever we went, but it wasn't until I got pregnant with Leo that we got super serious about it. Going out to explore new locations, trying different poses, playing with different lighting scenarios... you name it! 


Photography for us is a way to express our creativity doing something we both love. Is also a way have fun outside of our roles as Leo's parents and as a couple.


We’ve found that working together we both get to do what we do best: Mauricio, being behind the lens and Me (Ximena), working with our clients to choose the right location, brainstorm outfit ideas and styling the shots. When it comes to editing we always fight for who gets to edit a session but at the end, we work as a team to get the look we both are proud to stand behind. 


Fun fact about us... we fell in love, got engaged, got married and had a baby all within two years! It's been a crazy, beautiful ride and we are so happy to be together and more in love than ever! 


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