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8 Tips For Taking Beautiful Photos of Your Children With Your iPhone.

I kid you not by saying that as of February 22, 2019, I have 32,036 photos on my iPhone. Most of them (like 98%) of my little guy… Since I don’t carry my camera around with me during the day or during our fun outings, most of the pictures I take of him are taken with my iPhone so I thought I’d share some tips on how to snap better photos of your kids with your phones.

So let’s begin…

Tip #1: Good light is EVERYTHING! Lighting is one of the most important elements of photography. The prettiest types of lighting can be found early morning or evening when the sun is just coming up or starting to go down. But if you are out and about during midday sun or sunlight that is very strong and directly overhead, make sure to find a shaded area to snap your pictures! Harsh light creates ugly shadows in the face and is just not the most flattering light.

When taking pictures indoors, avoid using artificial light as it casts a yellow glow onto everything and causes photos to look unnatural. Turn off al the artificial lights and open the curtains to let natural light in.

Tip #2: Use the Exposure Meter to Brighten or Darken Your Images

When there is too much or too little light, use the exposure meter slide of your iPhone (the slider next to the focus square) to fix the lighting before snapping your picture. Just tap once on the focus square and exposure slider, then use the sun icon to increase or decrease your exposure.

Tip #3: Get Down To Their Level

This simple tip will immediately improve your pictures! Especially when photographing small children, make sure to get to their eye level. If you take the photo from your normal standing position, you’ll be looking down at your children and get a distorted view from above. So get down or even lay on the floor the next time you want to snap a picture :)

Tip #4: Composition

Follow the rule of thirds. Place your child’s face on one of the imaginary lines that divide your frame into 3 to create a more compelling image. Your iPhone has a grid option available which you can use to follow the rule of thirds. You can turn on the grid by visiting Settings > Photos & Camera and enabling the Grids switch.

Tip #5: Don’t Always Make Them Pose For The Camera

Let your children be themselves and that will allow you to capture their own unique personalities. Candid pictures are a favorite of mine. Having my iPhone always with me makes it easy to get those candid natural shots I love.

Tip #6: Burst Mode is Your Best Friend

Children are constantly on the move! To increase your chances of capturing a clear picture of your moving child, use the burst mode feature in the camera app. Hold your finger on the shutter button and the camera will take continues shots until you lift your finger giving you more options to choose from and getting a clear picture.

Tip #7: Enhance Your Photos Using an Editing App

After following these tips, your pictures will be well lit and well composed! To take your pictures into the next level, find an editing app you love and have fun playing with it. There are some great editing apps in the App Store. Our favorites are VSCO Cam, A Color Story, Afterlight and Lightroom CC for iPhone.

Tip #8: Take a Selfie

Let’s be honest, most often than not we are the ones behind the camera. So next time… take a selfie! I like to set up the self-timer on my iPhone to snap a selfie of me and Leo or a family selfie. By setting up the timer, you don’t have to worry about juggling with your kid and pressing the button to snap a picture. What is best is that when you set the timer the iPhone automatically activates the burst mode so you’ll have many options to choose from.

Hope these tips are helpful to you!




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