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Style Guide: Family Portraits

One of the most fun parts of planning a photo session is planning the outfits. But it can also be very overwhelming. Don't worry, I'm here to help you plan your family outfits.

Below you will find some tips and guidelines on how to choose what to wear for your family pictures. We can also brainstorm together and get inspiration from Pinterest if you would like. Just let me know via email at info@mx.photography.

1. Define your style

Find inspiration (Pinterest is a great source) to define your style. Do you want something classic, fun, preppy or elegant?

2. Dress for the season and keep in mind your location

Taking fall pictures? go for deep yellows, reds, purple, browns and wear cute fall accessories such as scarfs, bennies, etc. For the winter, think about layers and fun accessories to keep you warm in style. For the spring, flower prints, pastel colors and neutrals! For the summer, yellow, blue, pink... and flowy, airy fabrics.

It's important to also consider your location. If we are shooting outdoors in a garden or forest, avoid wearing green or you won't stand out from your surroundings. Also, is the location classy, elegant, natural and organic?

3. Color coordinate your outfits

Don't be "matchy-matchy"... it will look weird if everyone in the picture is wearing the same top and bottoms or only wearing two colors in their whole outfit. Pick a color scheme, choose one or two main colors and maybe one accent color for your outfits. It's a good idea to start with one outfit you love and build from it.

I personally love neutrals and primary colors such as blue and red!

4. Think textures and layers

Texture and layers add dimension. Think cardigans, knit sweaters, scarfs, simple jewelry, hair accessories, etc.

5. No patterns or graphics

A little pattern is ok but too much can ruin the look all together and make a picture look too busy. For example, for a family of four, only a couple uses complementary patterns and the other two keep it simple. Also, say no to graphics as they can be very distracting in a photo.

6. Lay it out!

Make sure you like how everyone's outfits look together by laying it out on your bed or on the floor in the way they're going to wear them and take a picture to see all the colors and textures together!

7. Be flexible and prepare for the unexpected

Nothing worse than having a perfect outfit and not being able to wear it... sometimes the weather changes, the rain comes or the wind blows. Make sure to think about what you could add or remove from your outfit in case the unexpected happens.

8. Last but most importantly... Be comfortable!

if you are not comfortable in the outfit you choose that is going to show in the pictures so make sure to choose something that makes you feel great!

I hope these tips and guidelines are helpful for you!


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