• Ximena

Style Guide: Maternity Photography

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Trying to decide what to wear for your upcoming maternity pictures? Here are some ideas that will help you look and feel your best while showing that perfect bump of yours!

Dive into Pinterest!

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration so early on start pinning all those images that capture your attention and see if there is anything in common that you like... fitted dresses? florals? flow fabrics? that will help you know what is exactly that you are looking for when you turn to your closet or go out shopping. Here is the link to our Maternity Pinterest board if you would like to see.

Bring two outfits

It's a good idea to have two different outfits for your maternity session, one casual and another one more dressy so you get more variety in the pictures you are going to get!

Solid Colors or timeless prints

I personally love neutrals and pastels! Dark colors can make your bump less noticeable and that is not what we want ;) If you opt for prints, make sure they are not to busy or something that is going to be out of fashion in a couple of years. Flower dresses can look lovely!

Add some texture

Textures add dimension and interest! Think lace, a knit sweater, translucent fabrics...

Highlight your bump with a fitted dress

Nothing looks more beautiful on a pregnant woman than a fitted dress that highlights all the curves of the pregnant body!

Or choose a flowy maxi dress

Wearing a maxi dress is a great option not only because it's super flattering but it's also very, very comfortable, and we know comfort is key during pregnancy!

Wear something comfy

If you are wearing something uncomfortable that is going to show in your pictures! So once you decide on an outfit make sure to try it on at least a couple of days before the session so in case you are "not feeling it" you have enough time to put together another outfit.